Communication skills at work - specifically in IT

Opinions seem to matter quite a lot in IT industry. At least to folks having their opinions. This, sometimes, creates clashes at work, with folks who are passionate of the craft and believe in their ideas.

Sometimes the communication advances to arguments, figths where folks talk in CAPITAL LETTERS. It does not have to be like that. Not even in IT.

Imagine a work environment where opinions were more like thoughts that could be pondered together. As a team. Ideas that one could build upon, together. This is not utopia, it is something that can be achieved with being more present, moment by moment and by understanding and learning few communication skills.

Essential skills in communication

Communication is basically sending and receiving messages (sort of like Object Oriented Programming). Best part being, one person with proper know-how can help the dialogue to become filled with clear messages. The one person can seek for clear messages from the other, while trying to be as clear as possible themself.

In communication skills at work, training, the basis is in understanding and practicing how can we seek for clarity in messaging. We practice what clear messages are built of. The course will be based on mainly 2 sources, work by Thomas Gordon and Marshall B. Rosenberg.

Learning topics

During courses, following topics are covered:

  • who owns the problem - what is the problem and ‘is it really mine?’
  • 3 types of listening (no listening, good listening, active/emphatic listening)
  • how folks typically use Roadblocks for communication, and how to avoid those.
  • How empathic listening, based on peoples needs, builds connection.
  • How listening others be continued